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Some info for supporters ahead of our visit to Heriot Watt this weekend.

Fans will be welcome in the Student Union before (or after) the match. There's a bar called 'Geordies' in the Union where food is also available.

There is no snack provision at the ground as such, so nothing is available at half-time, but it's only a short walk from the Union to the John Brydson Arena for anyone wanting to eat before the game. Attached is a map of the bit of the campus around Oriam, the new sports facility, behind which the Brydson is situated. Oriam is located close to the entrance to the campus, so no-one will have to search for it.

The Union appears on the Oriam map - it's marked as D in the middle of the map and is in a kind of turquoise colour. There are buses from Haymarket (no. 25) which come on to the campus (34 and 63 from other parts of Edinburgh) and there's a bus stop (with a ring round it on the map) almost opposite the path to the Union.

By car, from the big roundabout just outside the campus entrance, you park in Car Park B (with an oval ring on the map) or, if the bit that's open to the public in that Car Park is full, in Car Park A opposite (go along the road behind the hotel, which is a grey 'L' on the map, passing the building marked '30' and turning right to enter the Car Park). The Union is screened by trees from both roads, but there are short paths to reach it. From the mini-roundabout, you can either go down the path beside the bus shelter or down the side road and cut to the left.

Some fans of other clubs visiting Riccarton for the first time this season have found the Brydson Arena hard to find, as it's not signposted on campus. Fans travelling to the game that they should come up through Car Park B to the front of the Oriam building (which is a huge domed structure on the left of the entrance road) and take the path that branches to the left up the side of the building. This path passes the indoor pitch (you can see in) and at the end of the building the two pitches within the John Brydson Arena are ahead of you to the right at a slightly higher level. Opposite the end of the path up the side of Oriam, there is a ramp suitable for wheelchairs and there are areas within the stands for wheelchair users, with seats for those accompanying.


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