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Linlithgow Rose FC

Spectators Code of Conduct


Linlithgow Rose is a family club and we expect our own and visiting supporters to respect this.

  1. To that end, the club will not tolerate the following behaviours:

  • Racist, sectarian or homophobic conduct

  • Any other discriminatory behaviour not covered above

  • Excessive and/or sustained foul and abusive language directed at individuals – players, officials or fellow supporters.


 2. Alcohol is not permitted within Prestonfield. Anyone found to be in possession of alcohol or under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused entry.


 3. Anyone in possession of any firework, flare or smoke bomb will be refused entry or removed from the stadium if they are already in the stadium.


 4. If you identify anyone causing alarm or distress to fellow supporters, players or officials, please alert a Linlithgow Rose club official.


 5. Anyone found to be in breach of 1 – 4 above may be removed from Prestonfield, arrested and/or permanently banned from the stadium


 6. We want you to:

  • Enjoy your day,

  • Enjoy the banter with your friends and opposition supporters

  • Respect each other – it’s only a game!

    LAST UPDATE June 2023

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